Project Manager

Cape Town, South Africa

We are looking for a Project Manager who has entrepreneurial ambitions, a growth mindset, and experience with managing projects on-time, on-budget, whilst maintaining a high-quality standard. Your salary will be market-related based on your experience and expertise.

Job requirements
  • Someone who really loves all aspects of project management and has an interest in enhancing their skills in the arena of agile
  • Type A individual - outgoing, ambitious, rigidly organized, highly status-conscious, proactive, and concerned with time management
  • Sees him or herself as the project lead and gives relevant direction, communicates effectively and manages scheduling in order to achieve the project’s objectives
  • Ability to speak and understand the lingo of designing and developing digital systems especially content oriented websites and eCommerce platforms
  • Personable, proactive and takes accountability for the status of projects
What you will do
  • Enhance the existing way the business undertakes project management
  • Explore and introduce new tools and technologies to help the business manage its projects better
  • Create and communicate a project plan, schedule, and budget
  • Assign tasks and deadlines to projects
  • Schedule frequent check-ins
  • Clear roadblocks whilst escalating challenges when necessary
  • Provide status reports to clients and team members
  • Manage project scope
  • QA all project deliverables
  • Contribute to client proposals and quotes
  • Assess and evaluate project success